Better Diagnostics In Everyday`s Life


The Fraunhofer ivD-platform combines the competence of seven
institutes within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and exhibit extensive
interdisciplinary experiences and expertise in all fields of service and
development up to production. That guarantees the adaption of
customer-specific problems to tailor-made solutions and serves to
solve problems from any biomarker to ivD-products that can match
the needs of the market.

Within the platform a modular system was established, which contains a microfluidic cartridge as the central element, selectable read-out systems, and a complete assembly line. This modular system can be adapted to various biomedical challenges which leads to a quick, easy, cost-effective, and close-to-patient diagnostic tool supporting a fast and reliable medical decision.

Beside different assay formats with immobilized biological or artificial recognition elements also an integrated sample preparation tool and PCR-unit are available to solve almost every diagnostic problem. Furthermore, each component of this modular system is offered seperately to match all costumer‘s needs.

Fraunhofer ivD-platform: Partner institutes are Fraunhofer ENAS, IAP, IZI-BB, IGB, IPA, IPM, ISIT

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